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All our Websites are designed & developed from the ground up. This starts with a plan, and is sustained with support and guidance.

It’s all in the name! At Baytek Systems, we’re proudly systematic, in particular because we don’t compromise creativity in our process. It’s the best way to approach a project. But you already know that after watching our introduction video. You did watch our video, didn’t you?

Read on to learn more about the key steps of the full Baytek Systems experience.


Free Consultation

That’s right. FREE. Providing free goods or services may be a dwindling concept, but we at Baytek Systems don’t neglect it’s value—it adds up to great customer service, no strings attached.

Choose the latter and come meet our President. He’ll prepare you a tailored and detailed proposal, including a schedule and cost breakdown. You’ll be amazed by what you may learn.

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We can choose either to approach our fellow human beings with suspicion or to approach them with an open mind, a dash of optimism and a great deal of candor.

Tom Hanks

Research & Discovery

There’s great value in pausing and taking the time to think about what we’ve been doing and what others have been doing. It gives us perspective and a great deal of knowledge that we can use in planning our next step.

In the research and discovery (R&D) portion of the Baytek Systems process, we assist you in completing a simple questionnaire that will provide us with a clear understanding of where you stand. We will then be able to walk in the same shoes toward the start line.

Key Messaging

Our R&D effort shows us what you’re saying to your customers as well as what your competitors are saying. Are you being heard? Is your message resonating with the right audience? Does your message correspond to what your audience wants to hear? These are all important questions to ask.

At a half-day session with your key management, we will answer those questions together and determine the best way to translate your organization’s goals into effective messaging for your audience. These messages will be used in moving forward with the Baytek Systems process.

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Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Informed key messaging will ensure that you are heard, but we must also consider how many people will hear these messages. There’s a big difference between screaming something from rooftops and whispering it in the wind. Through building a marketing plan, we will help you sift through your options and plan for ways to make sure that you’re speaking within earshot of your targeted audience.

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Website Plan & Specifications

No matter what information, products or services you’re providing to your customers via your website, it’s important to consider the experience your target audience will have during their visit. If you’re giving them what they want in a way that’s counterintuitive, you’re not actually meeting their needs or your business needs.

With your Baytek Website Plan and Functional Specifications document, you’ll understand in very precise detail how your website should be organized and programmed to provide the ultimate user experience (UX). It will include: A visual layout (wireframes), Information architecture, Interaction and navigation, and Usability and accessibility.


Logo & Branding

When you think about any popular brand, you automatically picture their logo, their visual identity. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s no wonder that companies carefully research and develop them. At Baytek Systems, we have a system for that too. We told you, it’s all in the name!

We see the branding process all the way through. Not only do we give you your logo package—which includes all the standard formats used in the industry today, as well as your official colours and fonts—we also provide you with our Branding Guidelines detailing the do’s and don’ts for using your logo.

The end result will be memorable. See for yourself. View our recent designs

Website Design

Whether you’re partnering with us for the full Baytek Systems experience or coming to us with your brand and strategy already in hand, our web design and development process will be tailored into an effective online solution for your business. Your website will be carefully crafted around the User Experience Design (UXD) while being 100% custom. Your brand will thus be represented to a “T”, and that’s on all popular devices and platforms.

When form meets function, it can look pretty darn good! See for yourself.
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Mobile Design

A growing number of website visits originate from mobile devices. Without proper consideration, things can get ugly. Literally. During this portion of the Baytek Systems process, we make sure that your mobile website will fit the screens of all mobile devices without compromising the unique look and feel we’ve prepared for you.Most importantly, we’ll make sure that your mobile site meets your visitors’ immediate needs in an easy and enjoyable manner.

Head over to our Mobile development section to learn more about mobile websites


Website Development

It should come as no surprise that we at Baytek Sytems take a systematic approach to web development. In practical terms, that means that we defer all programming until we complete the planning and design processes. Marketing objectives, User Experience Design (UXD) and the desired look and feel must first be determined before choosing the best technology for the project (a.k.a. the best tools from our complete toolkit) and moving on to programming. And even then, we adopt an iterative approach, the Agile development model, to programming. We measure the quality and efficacy of your website after each step and adjust the project accordingly. Measure twice, cut once.

Thanks to our sophisticated web development environment, we guarantee version integrity, proper testing and timely launches. With the expertise of our programmers, we also guarantee that your website will meet all the internet compatibility and accessibility standards.

See how it all adds up. View our recent website launches

Mobile Development

Mobile Development

We’ll make sure that your mobile site will fit the screens of all mobile devices without compromising the design and that it’ll meet your visitors’ immediate needs (cf. Mobile design). But one question remains: How? Let us explain by simply reminding you that no one tool is best. For some, mobilizing their brand may call for a responsive design, while for others, being smartphone compatible will suffice. Others may even choose to develop mobile applications to ensure their mobile presence.

Deciding which tool to use and how to use it for optimal results is part of the full Baytek Systems experience.

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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management

If you peek into the Baytek toolkit, you’ll find our very own Content Management System (CMS). We’ve been developing and enhancing it since 1996. Like every other CMS, it’s open-scripted and completely contained within your website. But because it’s custom, we can add any functionality to it and even integrate it with your enterprise systems. We’re still convinced that no one tool is best, but according to our experienced customers, our CMS is the easiest and most powerful CMS they have ever used.

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We at Baytek Systems have a decade of eCommerce experience and expertise under our belt. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that no two shops are alike. Each shop has its own requirements in terms of inventory, shopping carts, payment methods (originating both from Canada and the U.S.), shipping methods and everything in between and beyond. As part of the Baytek process, we’ll share strategic insight on the best ways to approach your eCommerce project and get it online.

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Hosting and Domain

Hosting and Domain registration

If there’s one thing we hope that you’ve retained from our video, it’s that we’re more than your website provider. We’re your partner, and we want to be sure we look after everything. So we’ve partnered with BlackSun to offer you the best-in-class website hosting, domain name registration and SSL certificates.

Online Application

Online application and functionality

Since 1996, we’ve developed and enhanced our own Content Management System (CMS) to enable us to add any functionality to your website that you desire or require. That’s a testament to our team’s expertise and creativity, and to our dedication to meeting your every needs.Let’s make things happen!

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Social media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest... We’ve all heard of the positive outcomes of being active on social media: increased online presence, increased brand awareness, increased relationships between brands and customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders. However, with the growing list of social media platforms, does it still stand to say that the more channels you promote your brand through, the better?

At Baytek Systems, we encourage you to focus your time and resources on the right platforms for meaningful return on investment (ROI). Choose the ones that blend your business and member needs, while taking into account the nature and frequency of content that will need to be generated and whether or not you can commit to it. We can help you weigh your options and, once the decision is made, help set you up.

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Social Media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Simply put, Search Engine Optmization (SEO) is the art of rising to the top of search result pages. And if you’re the top choice for search engine, you’re most likely the top choice for users. The reality is that it’s not so simple. Having a good website just isn’t enough and unfortunately, neither is a fixed SEO strategy.

Not only do Google keep their algorithms to themselves, they also change them on a regular basis. So what works one day won’t necessarily work on the next. That’s why at Baytek Systems we propose to do more than hand you a list of keywords that will attract relevant traffic. We also give you to right tools and knowledge to update your SEO strategy and maintain your search engine rankings.

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We’re big proponents of the Agile development model because it encourages us to pause and consider what’s working and what isn’t while the cement is still wet. Plus, it fosters the open-mindedness required to adjust a project mid-way through. And our work is all the more successful because of it.

Analytics are another way to measure our work, and since there’s never too many ways when you strive for perfection, we program all our websites-your websites-with Google Analytics. The generated statistics give us fresh insights into how visitors use the site, how they arrived on it, and how we can keep them coming back.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

The dedication of our experienced team will be one of the most valuable tools you will gain from the full Baytek Systems experience. After all, customer service is its driving force. That remains true even after your project is online and technically completed. We’re in it for the long haul!

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